Application Process

When your working papers are completed and the required documentation is obtained, please forward them to the Society along with a $100.00 verification fee.  The Society’s genealogist will review and verify that your ancestral lineage meets the Society’s current standards or proof for both lineage and service qualifications.  If the genealogist has any questions, the Society Office will be in contact with you to resolve this issue.  Depending on your lineage, the amount of information you currently possess, and your research efforts, the whole application process may be completed in nine months to a year.   The Society will do everything possible to keep the process moving.  Also, please don’t hesitate to contact your Proposer and Seconder for assistance with this process. 

One set of proofs (copies of all references cited) is needed along with the one original typewritten application form.  If your brother, father, uncle or grandfather is or was a member of the Society, then only a copy of your birth certificate, and other documents to show your lineal relationship to the person who was granted membership in the Society of you are using the exact same line of descent.  However, if your relative had previously completed the short form, no longer used or acceptable, then it will be necessary for you to submit the required lineage documentation.

 After completing this step, please SIGN the form in the proper places and have it notarized.  Your will need the signature of two members of the Society; one serves as your Proposer, and the other your Seconder.