First it is necessary for you to complete the “Proposal for Membership” form.  After the form is completed and signed, please send it along with letters of recommendation from your Proposer and Seconder, Society members in good standing.  Please refer to the Roll of Members to assist with identifying a prospective Proposer and Seconder who may be acquainted with you.  If one cannot be found, please contact the Society Office by calling 215-545-1888, faxing 215-545-1777, or emailing to [email protected]

After the Admissions Committee accepts the “Proposal for Membership” the Society Office will then contact you to begin completing the application papers required for membership.  Heredity documentation needs to accompany your working papers when they are submitted to the Society Office.  The Society does not accept applications from other Societies as proof of heredity, unless the supporting documentation for the other application is also included. Direct descent must be shown from a qualifying ancestor. Please read Suggestions to Applicants to assist you in this process.