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The General Society Sons of the Revolution

The Sons of the Revolution was founded in 1876 by members of the Society of the Cincinnati wishing to broaden participation in preserving American Heritage on the eve of this country’s centennial. Its mission is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the achievement of American Independence and to foster fellowship among its members. The Sons opened its membership to all sons of enlisted men, as well as officers and all descendants of other qualifying patriots, who risked their lives during the Revolution.

The General Society Sons of the Revolution was formed by the New York, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia Societies at a meeting on April 19, 1890, in Washington, DC, following conferences held in 1888 to devise an organizational structure that would provide a satisfactory continuation of local autonomy and national unity to the several State Societies.

GSSR Headquarters in Williamsburg

GSSR Headquarters in Williamsburg

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization devoted to the principles and ideals of its founders, the modern Society maintains its headquarters, in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with 30 societies in the United States and Europe.

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