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Fellow Members:

Per our Society’s Bylaws, our Board of Managers is authorized to fix annual dues, initiation fees, and life membership fees “from time to time”, with the intent that we routinely assess whether the cost of membership adequately reflects and supports the costs incurred by the Society for our operations and events.

However, during development and review of our 2022 budget, I discovered that we have not raised our Pennsylvania Society dues in nearly two decades, despite the fact that the General Society, as well as other State societies, have increased their dues and fees several times since then. A decision was quickly made that we must adjust our dues and fees to appropriately deal with rising costs to the Society, and I tasked Vice President Kenneth W. MacNeal to form a committee, review the issue in detail, and make a recommendation to the Board.

Therefore, during the January 13th meeting of the Board of Managers, the following motion was adopted:

  • Effective for fiscal year 2022, increase the Pennsylvania Society’s Annual Dues in each member category by 40%
  • Effective immediately, increase the Life Membership fee in each Age category by 40%, rounded to the nearest dollar ($)

This decision results in a $12-$20/year increase to the Pennsylvania Society dues for members depending on your membership category, and is reflected on your current dues notice.

Dues represent a major source of our annual revenue, and thus are critical to the continued financial health of our beloved Society. I hope that you join me in supporting this reasonable approach to responsible fiscal governance.

Thank you,

Richard F. Pagano, 38th President, Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution

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