To the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, No. 4, of the County of Philadelphia:

In Compliance with the requirements of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act to provide for the Incorporation and Regulation of certain Corporations,” approved the twenty-ninth day of April, A.D. 1874, and the supplements thereto, the undersigned, all of whom are citizens of Pennsylvania, having associated themselves together for the purpose of maintaining a Society to keep alive among themselves and their descendants the patriotic spirit of the men, who in military, naval and civil service, by their acts and counsel, achieved American Independence; to collect and secure for preservation the manuscript rolls, records and other documents relating to the War of the Revolution; and to promote social intercourse and good feeling among its members now and hereafter; and desiring that they may be incorporated according to law, do hereby certify

First. The name of the proposed corporation is the “Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution.”

Second. Said corporation is formed for the purpose of maintaining a society for patriotic purposes in connection with the War of American Independence, the collection and preservation of manuscripts, records and documents relating to the War of the Revolution, and for social enjoyment and intercourse.

Third. The business of said corporation is to be transacted in the County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania.

Fourth. Said corporation is to exist perpetually.

Fifth. The names and residences of the subscribers are as follows: William Wayne, Paoli, Chester County, Pennsylvania; Richard M. Cadwalader, 1614 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; George H. Burgin, 76 Chelten Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Robert P. Dechert, 406 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; John W. Jordan, 806 North Forty-first Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; J. Edward Carpenter, 228 South Twenty-first Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; J. Granville Leach, 2118 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sixth. The business and the affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a Board of Managers, the composition of which shall be determined as provided in the bylaws.

Seventh. There is no capital stock.

Witness our hands and seals this Fourth day of July, A.D. 1890.

William Wayne
Richard M. Cadwalader
George H. Burgin
Robert P. Dechert
John W. Jordan
J.E. Carpenter
J. Granville Leach
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
County of Philadelphia


Before me, the subscriber, Recorder of Deeds of said County, personally appeared Richard M. Cadwalader, George H. Burgin, and J. Edward Carpenter, three of the subscribers to the above and foregoing certificate of Incorporation of the “Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution,” and in due form of law acknowledged the same to be their act and deed.

Witness my hand and official seal, this Twelfth day of July, A.D. 1890.

Jos. K. Fletcher
Deputy Recorder